Waterville Area Soup Kitchen
All are welcome at this table!

Welcome to the Lighthouse

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Our Mission

Provide delicious, nutritious meals in an accessible, welcoming setting to those in the greater Waterville area who would otherwise go without.

Mini Meatloaf


The Waterville Area Soup Kitchen operates The Lighthouse, a dining place at 38 College Avenue in Waterville.

Guests are invited to enjoy a tasty, nutritious meal and an opportunity for socialization every Monday through Friday.

Volunteers at the Lighthouse prepare and dish up a variety of appetizing menu items every Monday through Friday from 11:20 until 12:30.

Guests are welcome to arrive at 8:00 to meet with friends, have a light breakfast, and enjoy coffee!

Follow our Facebook page for the daily lunch menu, posted at 4am every morning. We also publish pictures, positive posts, updates, and more!

Hours, Monday to Friday Doors Open at 8am, Serving from 11:20 to 12:30
Carla Hugging Volunteer
Guest Line

Our Guests & Visitors

We have a non-judgmental environment. We serve every guest and visitor that comes in with an open and welcoming attitude.

Who are our guests and visitors? They are

~ Senior Citizens (retired, grandfathers, grandmothers)

~ Veterans (all branches)

~ Disabled (physical, intellectual)

~ Students (college, high school, children)

~ Family member or neighbor who picks up meal(s) to take home to their family member(s) or neighbor(s) who are unable to travel for various reasons.

~ Working Families (struggling with rising costs)

~ Underemployed

~ Unemployed

~ Underhoused

~ Homeless

~ Unsheltered

Man Guest
Woman Visitor

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