Waterville Area Soup Kitchen
All are welcome at this table!
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Welcome to the Lighthouse

The Waterville Area Soup Kitchen operates The Lighthouse, a dining place at 38 College Avenue in Waterville. Guests are invited to enjoy a tasty, nutritious meal and an opportunity for socialization every Monday through Friday. Volunteers at the Lighthouse prepare and dish up a variety of appetizing menu items every Monday through Friday from 11:20 until 12:30.  Guests are welcome to arrive at 8:00 to meet with friends, have a light breakfast, and enjoy coffee!


Show some Love

Every time you purchase one of these bags from our local Hannaford (Elm Plaza or KMD Plaza) in February 2024, they will donate $1 to the Waterville Area Soup Kitchen.

Don't need another bag? No problem!
Double Donate! Go ahead and buy a bag,
Fill it with things you no longer need/want or,
Fill it with items your favorite charity needs or, 
Have your office or classroom fill it with items for a charity, 
and then donate it!


Our Mission

Provide appetizing, nutritious meals in an accessible, welcoming setting to those in the greater Waterville area who would otherwise go without.

Help Us Reach Our Goal of 1800 new members of the $100 Club!

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